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About refbase

refbase is a web-based, standards-compliant, multi-user interface for managing scientific literature & bibliographic references. Based on php & mysql, it offers a bibliography database with powerful search tools and automatically generated citation lists.


You can download the stable release version of refbase from the SourceForge download page. Please see the instructions on how to install or update refbase. The latest source code can be checked out and installed from the refbase Subversion repository.


Please see the main Documentation page for available documentation, useful tips and troubleshooting guidance.

Help & Discussion

If you've got questions which aren't covered in the docs or want to discuss new or existing features please use our forums or mailing lists. If you'd like to contribute to this wiki please see our help section for more information on editing of pages.

There is a place to leave some ideas for future developments. If you like to discuss it, please use the forums on sourceforge.