In order to delete a record please click the little pencil (edit) icon that's available in any list view next to a record. Then press the "Delete Record" button at the bottom of the edit page.

The admin user is allowed to delete any records. A user, who is not logged in as admin, can remove an entry if all of the following conditions are met:

  • user is logged in
  • user is the owner/creator of this record (i.e., the user is the first one listed in the location field)
  • nobody else is subscribed to this record (i.e., no other users are listed within the location field)
  • user has permission to delete records (which is set by the admin)

When deleting a record, the information previously stored in the refs table of the database is not deleted but moved to the deleted table which obscures it from the web application. This allows an admin to recover accidentally deleted files. However, so far no interface has been made to do this.

Batch Deletion of Records

In the current version of refbase, there is no way to do a batch deletion of entries from within the web interface. However, the admin can execute an appropriate MySQL command (via sql_search.php) to remove many records at once.

PLEASE NOTE: In both cases, the uploaded and linked files (e.g. .pdf's) will not be deleted. So the admin has to remove any related files manually.