MySQL tables used by refbase:


As of refbase 0.9.0 installation via the web interface (install.php) does not offer to set a MySQL table prefix which permits multiple instances of refbase to coexist within a single database, or to install refbase into an existing database. However, refbase table names can be renamed in files initialize/ & install.sql (or update.sql) to avoid any name conflicts with existing database tables. See Installation over an existing database for more info.

Listing existing MySQL tables

The following command illustrates one method to list the tables contained in an existing MySQL database using the mysqlshow command.


Items in uppercase must be adjusted to suit your setup. The -h DATABASE.SERVER.COM argument is not required to access a database on a localhost. A USER_NAME with read permission suffices. Note that MySQL special characters in the DATABASE_NAME (such as the _ underscore character) require shell escapes. Example: With litwww being an authorized MySQL user and literature as the name of your local refbase database, your command would read:

mysqlshow -h localhost -u litwww -p literature

Alternatively, you could use a tool such as phpMyAdmin or run the MySQL command line interpreter and execute this MySQL command:

show tables from DATABASE_NAME;