In order to properly configure your database you need to edit some of the configuration files:

  • open the file initialize/ in a text editor and edit the values of the following variables:
    • $databaseName must contain the name of your MySQL database (example: "literature")
    • $username must contain the name of the MySQL user that's used with your MySQL database (example: "litwww")
    • $password must contain the password that's required to access your MySQL database (example: "%l1t3ratur3?")
  • similarly, open the file initialize/ and edit all values of the contained variables to fit your needs (please see the comments within the file for further guidance)

Note that the refbase install.php script adds a new MySQL user to the MySQL database which is appropriate for use with the refbase application (more info).

Shared database

If you are not able to create a new database for your refbase install, you must check that any existing database you configure does not contain tables whose names conflict with the MySQL tables used by refbase. refbase table names are specified in files initialize/ & install.sql (or update.sql) and can be changed there to avoid any name conflicts with existing tables. See Installation over an existing database for more info.